Water Meter Test Bench Water Flow Type

Water Meter Test Bench Water Flow Type

Product Description

Brief Introduction:
The flow standard device of liquid (including water, oil) is designed as per standards JJG 164-2000, combination of the latest technology. The device features standard design, advanced technology, reliability and stability, economical and practical.

Main Usage
1. National, provincial or authorized measuring examination centre appraise all kinds of new liquid flow meters, have period tests, arbitrate tests or supervise the inspection.
2. Petrochemical industry stations, metallurgy stations, electric power stations, large and medium-sized enterprise measurement centre overhaul, test all kinds of liquid flow meters.
3. Liquid flow meter manufacturer test and check their products.

Operation Principle and Main Parts:
The fluids inside the device pass gauge flow meters by steady flowing field into standard meter ( weight barrels, quantity machinery or standard gauges) in order to compare relative error directly. The device is equipped with
A. A system to keep flowing field circulatory;
B. A sectional experiment tube;
C. A standard meter ( a steelyard with high accuracy or a measuring glass or a standard flow meter );
D. A time-recorder;
E. A valve to regulate flow capacity, a reversing machine and a inserting urgent machine, etc;
G. A computer and control system...

Main Technical Parameter:
The device is expanded uncertain degree: Quality manner 0.03% - 0.1%, volume manner 0.05%-0.2%, standard meter manner 0.2%

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