Three Phase Multi-tariff Energy Meter Type (DTSF999)

Three Phase Multi-tariff Energy Meter Type (DTSF999)

Product Description

Three phase multi tariff energy meter type DTSF999 is used to measure 50Hz AC active energy and the power flow of peak time, flat time and off-peak time. All of its functions comply with the relative technical requirements for class 1 single-phase watt-hour meter in IEC61036-2000.
The manual programming buttons is used for setting tariff periods and adjusting time when RS485 communication device or infrared communication equipment is unavailable.

1. Four tariff: Total, T1, T2, T3, T4.
2. Present month max. Demand, last month max. Demand and last 2 month max. Demand and record of occurred date.
3. Max. Demand cycle is 15 minutes.
4. Slipping time is 1 minute.
5. Phase absence display and phase absence record. (the Chinese words is too long)
6.10 periods.
7. Period interval is min. 1 minute.
8. Display turns: Total, T1, T2, T3, T4, Demand 1, Demand 2, Demand 3, time and date.
9. Infrared communication: Reading power consumption, setting period, setting meter No. And adjusting time.
10. RS485 communication: Reading power consumption, reading max. Demand and occurred time, phase absence times and period, last phase absence starting and stopping time, setting meter No. And adjusting time.
11. Manual programming button: Setting period and adjusting time.

1. Frequency: 50Hz
2. Starting: 0.4%Ib (direction connection); 0.2%Ib (CT connection).
3. Creeping: There is no complete pulse output, with 80-115% of rated voltage in voltage circuit without current in current circuit.
4. Multi-tariff part
A. Daily time error: <0.5second.
B. Clock power when main power off: 8μ A.
C. Battery life: 10 years.
D. Period exchange error: <1ms.
E. Infrared communication distance: 5m.
F. RS485 communication distance: 1000m.
G. RS485 terminal: 1-32PCS.
5. Power consumption: <2W, 8VA.
6. Working temperature: -20~55 degree, working humidity: <80%.
7: Dimension: 228x145x72; Weight: 2kgs.

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