Single Phase Portable Energy Meter Test Bench Type Kp-P1003-C

Single Phase Portable Energy Meter Test Bench Type Kp-P1003-C

Product Description

Single phase portable test bench Type KP-P1003-C, is an ideal device to test all kind single-phase energy meters accuracy below 1.0. The equipment can generate single-phase voltage, current and all power factor.
The equipment is box structure, light, and easy to carry, it is a very ideal device for energy meter factory to adjust meter at production line, it also can be used as testing equipment in R&D institute.

1. DDS technology signal generator:
The signal generator adopts digital sine wave composing technology. The signal generator can generate 2 ways digital sine wave, and output to power amplifier as voltage and current signal;
2. High efficiency D-Class current amplifier and voltage amplifier:
The equipment adopts PWM power amplifier (or we called D-Class amplifier), which is high efficiency (>85%) and very low heat consumption. The amplifier has protect function, it can avoid damage due to wrong connection or other manual operations. Current amplifier and output shifter can output different current; Voltage amplifier can output different voltage;
3. Large LCD screen display.

1. Power supply: 220V/240V + 10%, 50Hz or 60Hz;
2. Max. Consumption: 100VA
3. Current source:
Output voltage: 30V(AC) - 300V(AC);
Output current: 0.001A-100A (AC)
Adjusting resolution: 0.01% (min. 0.0001A)
4. Power factor: 0~3600; Resolution: 0.10
5. Output frequency: 45Hz-65Hz;
6. Distortion(sine wave output): <0.5%
7. Current stability of power source during sine wave output: <0.05% (180s)
8. Load: The Load can be resistor / inductive / capacitive (<4uF)
9. Output capacity: Voltage source 30VA; Current source 80VA

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